PAT (MODESTY) REEVES -  Is an outstanding speaker with three theological degrees, who has undauntingly taken this bold step to reveal for the first time, intricate accounts of toxic relationships, personal exploits and heartache from within and beyond the walls of the church.

She uninhibitedly shares her life experiences and personal testimony of triumph with the world and the Christian community as it relates to a subject that is taboo. This subject which is laid bare, no holds barred, is becoming a growing concern and a major problem in the secular world and especially the religious arena, (Adult Entertainment).

If “How I Got Over – The Pat Reeves Story” accomplishes its task, it will serve as a resolve for men, women and teens who are bombarded with life’s vicissitudes and bestow hope, encouragement, strength and confidence to them.

Some of the chapters you will encounter in this autobiographical book are Naughty By Nature, Hooked, but Not On Phonics, The First Lady Who Could Have Been, The Phone Call From God, D.A.M.N. (Domestic violence, Abandonment, Miscarriages & Neglect) and much more. Pat discloses the hard lessons she’s learned, mistakes she’s made, challenges, tragedies and triumphs of her family and how they too, got over.

While “How I Got Over” is not an indictment against ministries or houses of worship; it is however, a charge for the (“Real Church”) to stand up. There is no other way to do this. If we (Christians) have failed (in the eyes of the public) to hear and accept the irrefutable fact that we all have fallen short, have made terrible mistakes and hold on to secret regrets, “How I Got Over" levels the playing field.

It shatters the walls of silence to fulfill but one purpose and that is to build a bridge and get over whatever is trying to get over on you.
Christianity is as beautiful a word as it is a lifestyle. Rarely have there been honest conversations of faith that tap into the great need for deliverance in the first place. Autobiographical works have been in existence for hundreds of years, but never at any other point in time have women, let alone ordained women of God—come forth to really tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the reality of the great need for mental, emotional and spiritual freedom.

This work is designed to move upon the hearts of men and women, who simply need to know: not just how Pat Reeves got over, but how they can get over whatever challenges, temptations and adversities that may befall them. 

For well over a decade she has been a Keynote Speaker at women's day celebrations, singles' conferences, prayer breakfasts and has conducted many seminars and workshops. In addition she has also conducted Woman to Woman/Sister to Sister Fellowships. Other talents include singing, songwriting, playwrighting, public relations, concert hosting and special event promotions. 
As a playwright she penned an off Broadway play entitled “All Things Are Possible” and is the former Editor-In-Chief of The Pat Reeves Report (an Internet Gospel Magazine). Her reviews of plays and celebrity functions have been published in a number of internet and print publications such as Gospel Truth Magazine, XII Magazine and The Industry Cosign.


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